About Craig Rivera

Craig Rivera

Growing Up

Craig Rivera grew up in West Babylon, Long Island, New York and graduated from West Babylon High School. He is the youngest of five children, with the oldest being his sister Irene, followed by Geraldo, Wilfredo, and Sharon. Despite a seven-year gap between himself and his youngest sister, Craig Rivera says his family was very close growing up and remains tight-knit.

Craig Rivera’s high school hobbies primarily involved sports. He played football, baseball, and lacrosse throughout high school and is especially proud of making the All Suffolk County lacrosse team in his senior year. During his final two years of high school, he also developed a passion for sailing. He learned to sail on a 20’ sailboat named Francina and also learned that with sailing comes a great deal of maintenance. He had to learn boat carpentry when he discovered his beautiful wooden boat had a series case of dry rot. He took months painstakingly re-building her waterlogged deck and cabin with Brazilian mahogany and also helped construct a 51-foot catamaran sailboat in a friend’s backyard. Craig Rivera’s passion for sailing and boating continues today.

Craig Rivera owns a unique 21-foot Gentleman’s Runabout named “Lily Hope,” which gets lots of attention as she plys the waters along Long Island’s South shore. He often vacations, sailing and cruising the Caribbean, with his family. He recently completed a 5 day sail from the island of Bermuda to New York City with his 19-year-old son Austin.


While attending Kutztown University, Craig Rivera continued playing lacrosse and helped transform his small club lacrosse team into a competitive collegiate team that made the NCAA Finals. His studies centered on environmental education, geography, and communications, which enabled him to intern with ABC News. During his internship, Craig Rivera covered the events surrounding the New York City blackout in July of 1977. One of his assignments involved covering the events from riotous Harlem alongside his brother, Geraldo, and he vividly remembers watching the warzone-esque scene unfold before him. He credits this opportunity to cover a historic event with motivating him to pursue a career in Journalism.

Craig Rivera later had the opportunity to attend the Community Film Workshop, where he gained instruction in documentary film production and newsgathering. In this program, veteran journalists taught aspiring minorities the technical skills involved in news gathering and emphasized dedication to accuracy and vision to each and every project you produce. Craig Rivera still applies these lessons to every story he covers today as a Senior Producer and Correspondent for the Fox News Channel.

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